Launches to Keep Motoring Local, the newest kid on the block offers something different, it allows the car buyer to search online for used cars from approved dealers in their local area. will offer cars for sale within a 15km radius of a town, from approved, local, SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) registered car dealers. This means that buyers can choose from a plethora of dealers in their town and pick a car that suits them locally. There is no need to travel miles or for hours to get the ideal car. Now there is a point, one singular place on the internet that serves the community by connecting approved dealers and buyers locally.

Keeping Motoring Local is the new platform’s ethos. Now more than ever with the movement toward shop local, enables buyers to buy locally and support their local community.

Drogheda’s #BrandNewDrive is the launchpad for, with 11 dealers representing 17 motor brands selling on the platform initially. It comes as no surprise that Drogheda is the first town to launch as is akin to, an online extension if you will, of the Brand New Drive and the Drogheda Motor Show.

While the Drogheda Motor Show focuses on selling new cars, this award-winning show which celebrated it’s 10th birthday this year, highlights what can be achieved when cars are displayed locally in one place, giving consumers the opportunity to see what’s on offer.

Approved car dealers are used because they give peace of mind to purchasers of cars that the car they are buying has been history checked and road worthy.

The platform also offers access to competitive finance. provides an easy to use tool to determine how much a buyer wants to pay every month.

The buyer interacts with the handy tool to decide what deposit and term would suit their individual circumstances. This helps them determine their desired monthly amount. Once they’ve decided what amount they’d like to pay monthly, they then fill out the short application form online.

Once the finance is approved, the buyer is alerted and arranges to pick up the car. It can all be done in a day, depending on the time of day the finance was sought.

“With, we’re using the Internet to it’s best advantage.” said Robert Murray, who represents the Drogheda Motor Show and #BrandNewDrive.

“Dealers the length and breadth of the country have invested significant amounts into their premises, they have quality showrooms and the training they put into their staff is very obvious. wants to offer approved car dealers another channel to sell and provide financial solutions to their customers of their stock of used, history checked cars…locally and online. Generations of families can still use their local dealer – online and offline.” Murray concluded.